For Love of Windows XP

Posted on September 11, 2012


Since its release in October of 2001, people have developed a deep love for Windows XP, becoming familiar with how it works and comfortable with how it looks. Everything on their computer is just where they want it and performs just how they need it to. While change is inevitable, many cringe at even the thought of “upgrading” to Windows 7 for fear of losing that security blanket which XP has created for the last 11+ years. Life with XP is … well, happy and calm.

So what do we do for those who are holding steadfast to XP? Hope that when being told support for XP will be ending, that a world-wide uprising will not occur. Thankfully when Windows announced the discontinued support, they also announced a time frame and what it means. For those running Windows XP, SP3 (service pack 3), support will be continued through April 8, 2014. Whew! That gives all of us 2 years to adjust.

What does it mean when Microsoft says “Support is ending?” First and foremost, your computer will not stop functioning the day support stops. Your computer will continue running as normal. In the end, no support means no more updates for your PC. These updates include driver updates for your hardware as well as security updates for your protection.

What about programs needing to run on XP? Yes, there are still some programs which require XP to run and fortunately, you can download “XP Mode” to run these programs on any Windows 7 PC. Because the XP Mode software is part of Windows 7, the updates and support will continue.

What should you do? Now should be business as usual for you. Our recommendation  to all individuals is to look at replacing / upgrading your PC every 3-5 years. This is for the benefit of greater efficiencies, better technology and more space. If you have purchased a computer within the last 2 years, most likely it is a Windows 7 machine anyway.

Other things to note:
Windows XP with SP1 or SP2 – Support ended July, 2010. All that needs to happen is upgrading to SP3 and you should be good. Download here:

Windows Vista SP1 – Support ended July, 2011. To continue with support download SP2 here: