It’s (a)LIVE!

Posted on August 21, 2012


Everyone on Team Teryx is very excited to announce that after months of working on layout, design and content the new website is now up and live.

We started this venture about 6 months ago, partnering with Danielle at Golden Marketing, knowing it was going to be nothing less than a daunting task. Designing a website that reflects not only a unique flair but also encompasses all of our services was the challenge.

There is a huge sigh of relief and a lot of hope associated with publishing a site you have invested blood, sweat and tears into. Generating business is of course a major piece of submitting ourselves to so much but with that, there is also great satisfaction in getting to share all that we do with so many people. Utilizing an outlet we build a large portion of our company on — technology and the internet. Reaching and touching thousands of people a day. It is impressive and humbling to say the least.

We hope that you take the time to look over our site, let us know your thoughts and any feed back you may have.